Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Which colors are your favorite?

Hint- click on the picture to enlarge


The Peavler Duo said...

My favorite are:

Lt. Purple/Moss

Hope that helps!

Maddie said...

amanda, your drive for this business you've created for yourself blows me away! seriously! chloe, lee, and i all talk about how amazing it is that you push yourself to get all of this independent business stuff done even though your other life is probably much more hectic than we could ever know (work, family, etc). we all wish we had your awesome attitude and relentless drive! not to mention your beautiful creativity! you are so inspiring to me.

also, i LOVE the navy flower! can't figure why, just such a fun, juicy color! :)

The Lesh Family said...

I love the Pale purple and the sapphire flowers!!!