Friday, May 29, 2009

Bow Parties

What is a Bow Party?
*You invite as many guest as you want.
*We bring the bows and flower clips to you! From newborn on up to adults.
*When you host a bow party you have a chance to earn FREE bows for your little princess!
*You choose the date and time for your party (nights and weekends).
*Everyone is invited to bring their daughter's clothes so we can custom match the right bows and flower clips to her favorite outfits!
*The more people you invite, the more FREE BOWS you can earn! No one is obligated to buy anything and everyone has a chance to get great handmade bows at great prices!
*As a hostess, you will earn 10% of your show total sales in credit to be used towards any product we have at the party and a $15.00 gift certificate!

This is a fun way to earn free hair bows and flower clips! Email me at if you are interested in hosting a party or have questions about it.

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